5 August 2014

United 93

Director: Paul Greengrass

Studio: Universal Pictures + StudioCanal

Released: 2nd June 2006


Dneg VFX Supervisors: Peter Chiang + John Moffatt

Dneg VFX Producers: Alex Hope, Matt Plummer + Clare Tinsley


“It is the film of the year.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

United 93, released first in the US on 28th April 2006, is a meticulously researched document that attempts to portray the real events as they unfolded on board Flight 93. Director, Paul Greengrass, turned to Double Negative to help realise his vision of the tragic events.

Double Negative was in charge of 483 shots for the project and these were completed in just six weeks. The film’s shooting style (handheld cameras and long uninterrupted takes) precluded the use of usual VFX techniques of tracking markers and thorough noting of camera and lens set ups.

The incredibly short deadline required meticulous planning at every stage and a highly efficient working pipeline to deal with the logistics of the massive workload and a constantly evolving film that was still being edited until the final days of the schedule.

A team of 45 Double Negative artists worked on United 93, who also co-ordinated 4 other UK vendors completing work on some of the simpler shots.


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