6 August 2014

The Magic Flute

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Studio: Ideale Audience + Peter Moores Foundation

Released: 30th November 2007


Dneg VFX Supervisor: Charlie Noble

Dneg VFX Producers: Fay McConkey

Dneg CG Supe: Alex Wuttke


“Spectacular CGI sequences….full of energy and colour” bbc.co.uk

Director Kenneth Branagh recreates Mozart’s classic opera in this colourful adaption of The Magic Flute. The story has been moved to the World War I trenches, where the peace-loving Tamino (Joseph Kaiser) is lost in no man’s land and rescued by three mischievous nurses. They take him to see the Queen of the Night (Lyubov Petrova), who asks him to rescue her daughter Pamina from her kidnapper, the nefarious Sarastro. As Tamino leaves, he is given a magical flute and is accompanied by the lovelorn bird-catcher Papageno. But when they arrive at Sarastro’s castle, they hear a different side of the story.

A Double Negative team, led by Visual Effects Supervisor Charlie Noble, CG Supervisor, Alex Wuttke, and Visual Effects Producer Fay McConkey, created over 300 shots for the movie. The work included huge environments and sweeping camera moves to lend the film a breadth and scale which sets the film apart from previous stage-bound cinematic interpretations of the work.

The Magic Flute opened in UK cinemas on 30th November 2007.