9 July 2014

Students Learning Resources for Coding

The following is a collection of great coding resources for students

A wonderful initiative to encourage children to learn how to code

Newsgroup for Coding for Kids with useful articles, info and links

Mentoring young children and teenagers who love to code and program Teach yourself coding step by step Teach yourself Python Teach yourself coding resources and homework for our world PHP/MySQL are the most relevant

Kodu a visual programming language made accessible for children

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games – lots of resources

Educational Software which teaches programming in a 3D environment

Apps for Good is a course where young people learn to create imaginative mobile apps that change their world.

Codea enables you to edit code to make anything on your iPad, games and simulations or just about any visual idea you have.

Computer Based Maths is a movement to create a new mathematics curriculum for schools based around computation. Includes projects, learning resources and an annual summit.

EToys – Visual programming system (like scratch and alice)

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