7 August 2014

John Carter

Director: Andrew Stanton

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Released: 9th March 2012


Dneg VFX Supervisors: Peter Chiang, Ryan Cook, Ken McGaugh + Paul Riddle

Dneg VFX Producers: Fay McConkey, Andy Taylor,  Matt Plummer + Moriah Etherington-Sparks

Dneg CG Supes: Christoph Ammann, Stuart Farley, Mark Hodgkins, Justin Martin + Katherine Roberts

Dneg Animation Supe: Stephen Aplin

Dneg FX Supe: Adrian Thompson


Academy Award winning filmmaker, Andrew Stanton, brings us “John Carter”, an epic action-adventure set on the mysterious planet of Barsoom (Mars). Based on the classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroghs, which celebrates its centenary this year, the film tells the story of a beleagured military captain, John Carter (Taylor Kitch) who is inexplicably transported to Mars and where he finds himself caught in the middle of a violent conflict between the planet’s inhabitants, a race of 12 foot tall creatures.

The film’s overall VFX Supervisor was Double Negative’s Peter Chiang and Dneg’s internal VFX Supervisors were Ryan Cook, Ken McGaugh and Paul Riddle, while the VFX Producer was Matt Plummer.

US & UK release date March 9th, 2012


Official Trailer