6 August 2014

Hot Fuzz

Director: Edgar Wright

Studio: Universal Pictures + StudioCanal

Released: 14th February 2007


Dneg VFX Supervisor: Richard Briscoe

Dneg VFX Producers: Steve Garrad



When Double Negative, was asked to execute the visual effects on the new action comedy Hot Fuzz, which premiered February 16th 2007, the VFX facility jumped at the chance. Having worked with the team on the smash-hit, Shaun of the Dead, Double Negative knew that it would be the experience of a lifetime.

Hot Fuzz tells the story of supercop Nick Angel (Simon Pegg), a London policeman who is so good at his job he makes the rest of the force look incompetent; to save embarrassment his bosses decide to relocate him to a sleepy country village. The overachiever has trouble reconciling himself to his new surroundings, but is soon investigating a string of gruesome deaths.

Visual Effects Supervisor, Richard Briscoe and Visual Effects Producer, Steve Garrad led Double Negative’s team on the project. The work itself was an eclectic selection of VFX shots, from explosions with CG elements, matte paintings, compositing and lots of blood and gore enhancement. Indeed, blood and gore added a lot to the shot count, which was in keeping with director, Edgar Wright’s mantra – “There’s no such thing in my vocabulary as over the top!”

In total Double Negative worked on 180+ shots. Hot Fuzz was released in the UK on February 16th, 2007 and in the U.S. on April 20th 2007.


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