15 May 2014


Director: Gareth Edwards
Studio: Warner Bros.

VFX Supervisor: Ken McGaugh
VFX Producer: Andy Taylor

Released: 15th May 2014


Our work on Godzilla was split between London and Singapore and focussed on the first two acts of the film including several major sequences.  We created environments for  Japan, Hawaii and Las Vegas and creature work for the ‘big three’ – Godzilla, Hokmuto and Femuto.  Sequences included Godzilla and Hokmuto battling at an Hawaii Airport, Femuto destroying a trestle bridge whilst a train crosses over and Hokmuto giving birth in an old nuclear power plant.  Ken and Andy led on the show with the team in Singapore were overseen by VFX Supe Patric Roos and Producer Charlotte Loughnane.