In May we launched a brand new graduate trainee scheme and invited applications from graduates to join us for a three month training scheme this summer.  The response was overwhelming and we were blown away by the quality of applications we received. With so many great future artists applying, It was a difficult task to make final selection but, ultimately, we ended up with nine incredibly talented graduates who joined us in early July. Their time at Dneg began with 4 weeks intensive training in either the fundamentals of 2D (Roto, Prep and Compositing) or 3D (Lighting, Rigging and Modelling) along with training on Dneg’s own proprietary software. Having completed their first few weeks of intensive training, our trainees are currently gaining invaluable hands-on show experience whilst being guided and mentored by handpicked members of the Dneg crew. Now that everyone’s settled in, we thought it was a great time for you to meet the Graduates!


L to R – Back Row: Emilis Baltrusaitis, Scott Coates, Dorian Defert, Nina Lankveld, Katy Robertson. Front Row: Andrew McCosh, Simon Loisel, Jack Stevens, Stef Mesman

 Emilis Baltrusaitis


My University: Teesside University, Middlesbrough
What I studied: Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Department I’m training with: 3D. I’m getting trained in matte painting and environment work
Role I’m aiming for: Digital Matte Painter
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: I’ve really enjoyed it so far, I love the atmosphere and I’ve been able to meet some great people. I have learned lots since I came here, about the profession as well as the industry as a whole.
Best bit so far: Being able to do environment work that will be featured in Spectre has been great. All of us trainees have also done a week-long group project which was a lot of fun too.

Scott Coates


My University: Bournemouth
What I studied: Ba(Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation
Department I’m training with: Lighting
Role I’m aiming for: Generalist TD
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: A bit challenging at times but fun overall.
Best bit so far: Working on some beauty lighting for a character’s make-up in Spectre.

 Dorian Defert


My University: I have studied at two Schools, ESRA Nice in France and DESGRAFF Montreal in Canada
What I studied: Feature Animation and FX
Department I’m training with: FX on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Job I’m aiming for: FX artist
How I’m finding my time at Dneg:  I am really enjoying working at Dneg. Everybody is kind and helpful.
Best bit so far: Being assigned to a show and get to attend my first dailies is a very great thing, even if it has given me a little stress!

Nina Lankveld


My University: I studied at The Netherlands Film Academy
What I studied: Immersive media/visual effects
Department I’m training with: I am currently training to be in the compositing department
Job I’m aiming for: I am aiming for a job as a (lead) compositor eventually and it has been a dream of mine to be on set for a big budget film. Especially Christopher Nolan’s films have always fascinated me, so to be on set for one of his films would be amazing.
How I’m finding my time at Dneg:  I am loving my time here at Dneg! The first four weeks in training flew by and the past two weeks were even better, being on a live show. The standards are very high and the people I’ve encountered are all very nice and extremely helpful. I’ve learnt so much already in 6 weeks and I’m looking forward to the second half of the traineeship to experience even better what it’s like to work here every day.
Best bit so far: Yesterday I had my first dailies session ever and I submitted my first prep shot. In the dailies room the supervisors were happy with the shot and they prep finalled it. As it turns out, it was actually the very first proposed final shot of the entire film! They asked who did the shot and my prep supe responded that it was me and that I was an intern. They loved it!

Simon Loisel

IMG_9807 My University: Supinfocom
What I studied: I studied all the aspects of an animation movie pipeline. Scenario, directing, animation, rig, lighting, comp, but I specialized myself in lookdev and lighting
Department I’m training with: I’m in the 3D department. I had 3 weeks of pure training with Jahirul (one of the Dneg in-house trainers) and I work on Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice now. I do some lookdev and textures.
Job I’m aiming for: I would like to work as a lookdev artist and/or lighter.
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: It’s great! It’s a real pleasure to work with passionate people.
Best bit so far: Difficult question, there is plenty of good moments here. Just the fact to work on Batman v. Superman is so awesome for me!

Andrew McCosh


My University: Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand
What I studied: Art and Design
Department I’m training with: I currently training with the 3D department here at Dneg. Right now I’m happy doing a bit of everything, but modelling, texturing and rendering are my main preference.
Job I’m aiming for: Long term I’d like to become a character artist.
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: I’ve been loving my time at Dneg, the days seem to fly by, and I’ve had a great experience with training and starting on my first show.
Best bit so far: The best bit would have to be the people, everyone is so friendly and supportive, but at the same time, there are so many smart, talented people here. I’m learning so much being around them. It’s a really positive environment.

Stef Mesman


My University: Netherlands Film Academy
What I studied: Interactive media and visual effects
Department I’m training with: The Spectre 2D crew
Job I’m aiming for: Digital compositor
How I’m finding my time at Dneg:  It’s great! I have learned a lot in the last few weeks and having good tutors around only makes it even better. The people are really nice as well.
Best bit so far:  Everything so far was really nice. But doing prep on a show right now must be the best thing so far.

Katy Robertson


My University: Teesside University
What I studied: Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Department I’m training with: Creature (Rigging)
Job I’m aiming for: Creature (Rigger)
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: Loving every minute! Everyone has been really kind and welcoming, along with this, despite only being half way through the training scheme, I have already learnt so much!
Best bit so far: Being able to sit with people who really know a lot about the subject you are specialising in and being able to rig for an actual film is extremely exciting! Along with this, the talks that Dneg hold are always really interesting and inspirational.

Jack Stevens


My University: I went to the University of Hertfordshire
What I studied: VFX on the animation course
Department I’m training with: I was training in the 2D department for the first month with the aim of going into compositing, we went through the company workflow and were assigned tasks in roto, prep and compositing.
Job I’m aiming for: Compositing
How I’m finding my time at Dneg: It has been an amazing experience so far, everyone is so helpful and passionate about their work. The amount I have learnt during the traineeship feels like years of university training. Its very fast paced and the training we have been provided with has been fantastic.
Best bit so far: The best part of my traineeship so far is starting on a show, getting notes on my work and seeing the progress being done in different sequences is really fun to see. Its really helpful to discuss with others what techniques we could use for certain shots. I look forward to the rest of my traineeship where I can learn lots of new stuff from my colleagues.

The Dneg Graduate Training Scheme was offered in partnership with the Creative Skillset Trainee Finder Scheme. To be selected for the programme, applicants first had to complete a short questionnaire, provide their CV and submitted a covering letter and showreel. A shortlist of 30 were then invited to Dneg to attend a full day assessment (involving presenting their works, one-on-one interviews and a meet up with Dneg Senior Artist Managers and Recruiters) before our final selection was made. Fancy joining us next year? Then look out for announcements on the website in early 2016!