30 July 2014

Chronicles of Riddick

Director: David Twohy
Studio: Universal Studios

VFX Supervisor: Peter Chiang
VFX Producer: Stuart McHara

Released: 27th August 2004

In 2000, the sci-fi creature feature, Pitch Black, became a cult classic, launching the career of Vin Diesel and showcasing the visual effects work of Double Negative.

Four years later, Vin Diesel’s classic character returned in The Chronicles of Riddick and Double Negative again played a major part in the visual effects for the film.

Set 500 years in the future, escaped convict, Riddick (Diesel), finds himself caught in the middle of an epic struggle between a planet-consuming sect called the Necromongers and the Elementals. Aiding Riddick in his one-man battle against the Necromongers and their leader, is an ambassador of the Elemental race, Aereon.

Double Negative’s initial work under the visual effects supervision of Peter Chiang, was to set about the task of pre-visualising and creating the worlds that director, David Twohy, envisaged. With 140+ shots spanning five major effects-heavy sequences, this required a team of over 50 artists.


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