We are proud to announce that Blade Runner 2049 has been nominated in the ‘Visual Effects’ category for the 90th Academy Awards.


Congratulations to our DNEG nominee Paul Lambert and our fantastic crew! Blade Runner 2049 has also received additional nominations for ‘Production Design’, ‘Cinematography’, ‘Sound Editing’ and ‘Sound Mixing’.


A big congratulations also goes to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver which have both received nominations for:

Dunkirk – ‘Production Design’, ‘Cinematography’, ‘Sound Editing’, ‘Sound Mixing’, ‘Original Score’, ‘Film Editing’, ‘Directing’ and ‘Best Picture’

Baby Driver – ‘Film Editing’, ‘Sound Editing’ and ‘Sound Mixing’.


The winners will be announced at the 90th Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday 4th March, and you can find more information about all the nominations here.

Read more about DNEG’s work on Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk and Baby Driver, and our BAFTA and VES 2018 nominations.