18 August 2016

Hooten & The Lady

Production Company: Red Planet
Written by Tony Jordan, James Payne, Sarah Phelps, Jeff Povey and Richard Zajdlic.
Starring Ophelia Lovibond, Michael Landes

W1A’€™s Ophelia Lovibond stars alongside Michael Landes, best known for appearing alongside Tamsin Grieg in Love Soup, in the Sky 1 drama Hooten & The Lady.

Landes played Hooten, an adventurer, who teams up with Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker (Lovibond) from the British Museum to go in search of lost treasures, from the tomb of Alexander the Great to the Buddha’€™s missing scroll.

“€œThis is an incredibly ambitious show which I hope will be appointment to view television for a discerning drama audience on Sky 1,” said showrunner Tony Jordan.

“Seat of your pants adventure is the glue but Hooten & The Lady is all about these two amazing characters.” said showrunner Tony Jordan.