About DNeg TV

A division of leading VFX House Double Negative (Dneg), DNegTV was formed in May 2013 to enable Television Producers and Networks worldwide to access Dneg’s talent, technical innovation and infrastructure whilst being offered a bespoke TV service helmed by leading lights of the TV VFX World. It’s senior team (VFX Executive Producers Louise Hussey and Stef Drury and VFX Supervisors Hayden Jones and Jonathan Privett in London and VFX Executive Producer Andy Williams in L.A.) have over 80 years combined TV VFX experience and head up a dedicated, specialist TV VFX crew with offices in both London and Los Angeles.

Understanding and delivering amazing VFX at a price point suitable for TV is a challenge and DNegTV do this by leveraging the huge investments in bespoke software and pipelines that have made Double Negative one of the world’s biggest and best film VFX facilities. Far from increasing the cost, this allows work to be done more efficiently, by more specialized staff, driving down the time and money required to complete it.

Most recent projects include the Marvel’s Agent CarterBrainDead for CBS, Fungus for Sky (for which DNegTV were BAFTA nominated), Emerald City for NBC, The Young Pope for Sky/HBO and Death in Paradise for the BBC.



Louise_HusseyLouise Hussey – Executive VFX Producer
Louise has been in the world of TV and film for over 20 years, covering all aspects of both physical and post-production. Formerly senior VFX Producer for Film & TV at Rushes, Louise controlled all of the TV productions and Feature Film VFX projects for the department over an 11 year period. She has produced VFX for the BBC, NBC, ITV, Kudos, ABC, Universal and HBO among others. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2008.


Jonathan_PrivettJonathan Privett – Executive VFX Supervisor
Jonathan has spent nearly 20 years in the business of VFX with a wealth of experience in creating visual effects for television series and TV movies. Formerly Head of Film&TV and VFX Supervisor at Rushes, Jonathan specializes in bringing the highest production values to every project. His recent work includes projects for clients at Left Bank/Sony/Starz, Red Arrow/NBC, Big Talk/BBC1, Kudos/ITV1, ABC/Shaw Media and BBC1.Educated at Imperial College in London, Jonathan graduated in Mechanical Engineering, moving into digital visual effects in 1994 when he started his career at Cinesite working in both London and Los Angeles on large scale feature film projects.

Hayden Jones – Executive VFX Supervisor
Hayden has worked in the visual effects industry since 1998. He is experienced in every aspect of VFX for long-form television and is currently involved in supervising projects for ITV studios/ITV1, Mammoth Screen/BBC1, Big Talk/BBC1 and Left Bank/Sony/Starz. Hayden has received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Visual Effects. Hayden began his career in industrial design. His passion for the moving image and visual effects led him, via Cinesite in the mid-nineties, to Rushes in 2002 and on to be a founder member of the team at DNegTV in 2013.

Stef Drury – Executive VFX Producer

Stef-DruryStefan began his career in VFX in 1998 and has worked on over 100 TV shows and feature films. Starting at MPC he produced VFX work on high profile shows before moving to LipSync Post as Head of Visual Effects where he was responsible for building the VFX side of the business. As Head of VFX, Stefan’s role included overseeing the implementation of their VFX infrastructure and pipeline, shoot planning, script breakdowns, show bidding and recruitment. Under Stefan’s supervision, LipSync completed shots for more than 70 television shows and movies for clients such as Sony, Working Title, Fox, Paramount, World Productions and Left Bank Pictures. Stefan joined DNegTV in 2014 and has most recently worked as VFX Producer on ABC’s Agent Carter.


Andy-Williams-headshotAndy Williams – Executive VFX Producer
Andy recently joined DNegTV to head up their new L.A office and is key liaison for US-side clients. Andy previously worked as Head of Production for Stargate Studios where he oversaw all North American operations. An experienced producer with over 20 years experience in television, prior to his time at Stargate Studios Andy spent seven years as Head of Production and Executive Producer at DIVE (now Alkemy X) in New York. As well as managing the studio’s productions and creative personnel to keep projects on schedule and budget, he operated as DI Producer, VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor and VFX Production Supervisor on the likes of The Leftovers, Silver Linings Playbook, The Visit, Power, The Road and How to Get Away with Murder.